Sunday, August 3, 2008

Summer in the Garden

Summer came and the world is smiling at it's productive beauty. We are all nourished by the bounties of our spring gardening labors. Tomato plants loom over my head. zucchinis grow from blossom to food in two days. Humming birds and honey bees drown in the sweet nectar of the abundant flower gardens. A walk in the garden on a dewy morning takes me close to the Great Creator that blessed me with eyes to see the colors, ears to hear the birds and bees and hands to tend the precious plants. Though winter can be hard and long, the breath of spring heals the frostbite and invigorates the soul with a hope of a brighter time to come. Summer draws the best of the earth to the surface, renewing life, calming tensions and restoring a peace to the inhabitants. Bask in the sunshine for tomorrow the clouds may cover your world for a just little while, but remember, God cradles the earth in His tender hands, turning the sun to warm and rejuvenate. He does not forget us nor does He leave us alone. When clouds cover your world close your eyes and whisper a prayer. Sunshine will break the clouds and the hope of a beautiful summer will loom on the horizon.
Sunrise Symphony

Wandering in the garden on an early summer morning is about as close to heaven as one can get. The air is fresh from the dewy cleansing of the night, scented with fragrant sleepy blossoms stretching to accept the morning sun. Bees crawl from their comfy bunks, ready for another sweet day of work. If you listen closely you can hear the sunrise symphony, the birds tweet a lofty soprano, crickets sing a mellow tenor, kernels of developing corn popping out a smooth percussion while the breeze gently masters each and every wind instrument known to man. You are never alone in the early morning garden. That’s were dreams are processed, burdens lifted and angels hang out their wings to dry.