Thursday, February 25, 2010

When Guardian Angels Work Overtime

Each day the sun rises to grant our need for warmth, light and nourishment. Although dark clouds may hover over our section of the earth, the sun is still there, doing her job. And so it is with the guardian angel(s) that watch over my family. They are not evident by the fluttering of wings, tinkling of harp cords or glow from a golden halo. They come quietly, unannounced when turbulent skies threaten to sour our world. Though the trails of our faith may not be completely removed from our lives, many times the blows are lessened, made bearable by the constant protection of our unseen protectors.
Today was one of the days that thunder arose in the west, aiming its fierce bolts in the direction of my middle son. His journey to the garage to fix our automobile could have been his last journey on this earth. While there a car plowed into the building a few feet from where he stood. Bricks flew, dust rolled and cars crashed from the high-speed impact. My son was shaken, but unharmed. I believe the prayers on his behalf were heard and yes, answered.
Unfortunately one of the mechanics sustained major injuries, being pinned between the car and a wall. I cannot begin to explain why things happen to some people and not others. I know we all have trials to overcome and tests to pass before we are worthy to walk through the golden gates. These trials come in different packages; some large, some coarse, some so heavy that we need a friend to help us carry the load. We are all promised that we will not be given more than we can handle. I truly believe that whatever the pain, sorrow and suffering Jesus shoulder’s the lion’s share of it. My prayers are with this man and his family, and all who walk the earth, each and every soul in need of a prayer, an angel and a friend.