Sunday, March 31, 2013

I Believe in Believing

I believe in fairy tales, happily-ever-afters and wishing on a star.
I believe the sun will come out tomorrow,
And that tears spilled on innocent cheeks will be dried and forgotten.
I am sure, that after the thunderstorm,
Somewhere a rainbow reaches across the dismal sky,
And at the bottom of that rainbow, for someone, there lies a pot of gold.
I believe that every man and woman is born with a light,
A light that starts within our hearts, sits on our uncertain shoulders,
Twinkling through our enlightened eyes.
I believe, that in believing,
Great miracles erupt out of hopelessness, soothing, healing, loving.
Because of belief, white knights conquer evil,
Ogres are like onions, and chambermaids can become princesses.