Sunday, August 4, 2013

A new look.
Sunday, August 4, 2013

Excerpt from journal entry to my husband:

Hello again my Darling,

The days slip by like dreams through sleepless nights. Some of the individual days linger, taunting, rasping, digging at my lonely soul, while other flee on wind-blown clouds, hardly noticed as they flutter by. I seemed to have more of the lonely moments, as of late. I'm not sure if it's to be chalked up to hormones, weather, allergies or the need for a gentle hand to sooth my ruffled locks. Four and a half years have passed since I last kissed your waiting lips. One thousand six hundred forty two tomorrows became yesterdays, since I've seen your smiling eyes looking into mine. I've waded through thirty nine thousand four hundred twenty hours without you by my side. In the wee hours of the time now past, every minute whispered your name, shadowed your face, breathed your warm breath upon my grieving neck. Now, after time has singed close the raw, gaping holes piercing my injured heart, after rivers of unshed and shed tears toughened my delicate soul, a hope of an eternity shared with you carries me, daily into another tomorrow. One day closer to your arms.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

 A Sunday Reflection

My world is quiet, peaceful, still, yet somewhere the earth shakes, a life has ended and wounded hearts bleed eternal tears.
I wake to pouring rain, yet the roof over my head keeps me dry.
My abundant stomach growls from a night of fasting, still, my pantry holds food to satisfy my hunger.
A child cries in fear. Another day of abuse.
A gnarled hand reaches out for companionship. No one sees.
Oh, but for the power to dry the tears, hold the hand or shelter the homeless, if but for a day.
I cannot change the world.
I cannot mend the broken, stop the pain or turn the tide.
But for one, small creature, for one ailing heart, might I share a smile of hope for a brighter tomorrow.

Barbara L. Frazier   

Sunday, March 31, 2013

I Believe in Believing

I believe in fairy tales, happily-ever-afters and wishing on a star.
I believe the sun will come out tomorrow,
And that tears spilled on innocent cheeks will be dried and forgotten.
I am sure, that after the thunderstorm,
Somewhere a rainbow reaches across the dismal sky,
And at the bottom of that rainbow, for someone, there lies a pot of gold.
I believe that every man and woman is born with a light,
A light that starts within our hearts, sits on our uncertain shoulders,
Twinkling through our enlightened eyes.
I believe, that in believing,
Great miracles erupt out of hopelessness, soothing, healing, loving.
Because of belief, white knights conquer evil,
Ogres are like onions, and chambermaids can become princesses.