Sunday, June 30, 2013

 A Sunday Reflection

My world is quiet, peaceful, still, yet somewhere the earth shakes, a life has ended and wounded hearts bleed eternal tears.
I wake to pouring rain, yet the roof over my head keeps me dry.
My abundant stomach growls from a night of fasting, still, my pantry holds food to satisfy my hunger.
A child cries in fear. Another day of abuse.
A gnarled hand reaches out for companionship. No one sees.
Oh, but for the power to dry the tears, hold the hand or shelter the homeless, if but for a day.
I cannot change the world.
I cannot mend the broken, stop the pain or turn the tide.
But for one, small creature, for one ailing heart, might I share a smile of hope for a brighter tomorrow.

Barbara L. Frazier   

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