Monday, March 8, 2010

Getting Dirty

Today is the day! I’m gonna do it! I have plans to retreat to the back yard about 2 PM, gloves, shovel, wheelbarrow and seeds in hand. It’s time to put in the sugar snap peas, onions and spinach seed.
Dirt must run in my veins. By October I have had my fill of weeding, canning and tilling the ground. By that time the dirt must be thick enough in my veins to satisfy the cravings, but as the days turn into weeks and weeks into months of snow covered, frozen tundra the craving returns. About the middle of January I start checking the stores for seed packages. Around the same time I get anxious each time I approach the mailbox in anticipation of a Burpee’s or Henry Field catalog. By February my thin blood is resorting to herbs on the windowsill.
Although it’s really too early to start many seeds indoors, I am going to plant a few that I can put out early. Maybe if I have tray after tray of pathetic plants lining my windows spring will be sympathetic and come just a bit sooner this year.