Friday, January 9, 2015

New Things, Old Things

January 8, 2015

A new year has come and gone. I’ve been able to declare that particular notice sixty two times in my life, barring the lack of ability to form a complete decipherable sentence at the age of three months, and the total lack of concern for the next several years.

A new year, a new start, a new beginning. The first day of the rest of my life. Whether we are young or old, rich or poor, bond or free, or whatever stage of life the previous year has dished onto our plate of existence, the New Year sneaks under the crack beneath the door, pushing out the deeds of yesterday.

Each new morning is like a colossal after-Christmas present granted to everyone. A warm new bottle of tonic to heal the open wounds of yesterday. A fresh slate to begin a new story. A clean palette to paint our upper most dreams and aspirations. An empty cooking vessel yearning to be filled with the best ingredients the good earth has to offer.

Like most of us, the past year led me to destinations not on my agenda. Side routes, detours, postponements and finalities sprang up on every corner. Decisions tore at my safe travel package, rerouting my life to places I hadn’t intended or wanted to go. Change, for better or worse can tie knots in the roadmaps of our lives. Change can send us speeding into heavy traffic or leave us immobile alongside a dusty, deserted road. It can take our secure, little cob-web-filled corner and throw it into tank of hungry shark, making us scramble with forgotten energy and untapped talents to find refuge among our newfound existence.

Without this ‘push’ to change ourselves and move ahead with our lives, we often become stagnate and empty. Without the sharks nipping at our heels or fire scorching our backsides, our pace can lessen and our journey become a place of residence. Though change has always been an undesirable challenge to me, it has moved me from a dormant seed to a strong, flourishing plant. Maybe someday the changes will bring forth blooms.

As I close the door on yesteryear, I leave open a window with a filtered view into the past. Happy memories, songs of the heart, laughing grandchildren, self-improvements, spiritual growth and endearing moments, gush through the open pane into the light of today. Only the heartaches and sorrow linger behind the filtered pane. Mistakes and sins settle to the bottom of the barrel, releasing the lessons learned to rise to the top. Mixed with the glue of forgiveness, they are applied to the cracks in the foundation of my soul, securing a stronger, brighter tomorrow.

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